Flowers and their Meanings

If you’re a romantic (or your partner is), here’s an idea for making another part of your wedding symbolically significant: use flowers with meaning. Like colors and symbols throughout history, flowers have come through the years with meanings attached to them. Choosing flowers with meanings close to you and your beloved’s hearts is an easy way to make your day even more memorable.


Here are some well-known flowers and their meanings:


  • Asiatic Lily: Majesty

asiatic lilies meaning

  • Aster: Contentment
  • Bird of Paradise: Joyfulness
  • Bouvardia: Enthusiasm
  • Calla Lily: Beauty
  • Carnation: Pride and Beauty
  • Chrysanthemum: Fidelity

Chrysanthemum flower meaning

  • Daffodil: Chivalry
  • Daisy: Innocence
  • Delphinium: Boldness
  • Freesia: Spirited

Freesia meaning

  • Gardenia: Joy
  • Gladiolus: Strength
  • Hibiscus: Delicate Beauty
  • Hyacinth: Sincerity
  • Hydrangea: Heartfelt
  • Iris: Inspiration
  • Larkspur: Levity

Larkspur meaning

  • Lilac: First Love
  • Lily of the Valley: Purity of Heart
  • Peony: Bashful
  • Ranunculus: Radiant
  • Rose (pink): Thank You
  • Rose (red): True Love
  • Rose (white): Purity
  • Rose (yellow): Friendship
  • Snapdragon: Desire

snapdragons meaning

  • Sunflower: Adoration
  • Stephanotis: Happiness in Marriage
  • Sweet Pea: Shyness
  • Tulip: Love and Caring
  • Violet: Faithfulness


Some flowers come in a variety of colors, and for those flowers the meaning will depend on which variety you have. There are also designated flowers for birth months and states, so if those factors hold significance for you, that could also be a good choice.


The most popular wedding flowers, according to The Knot, include the rose, tulip, calla lily, lily of the valley, hydrangea, peony, ranunculus, stephanotis, sweet pea, and gardenia.


Do you have a favorite flower that you will use regardless of its meaning? Or does your flower happen to have a strangely appropriate meaning? Will you choose based solely on color and aesthetics, or are you a romantic dedicated to symbolic gestures?


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