Ian McKellen to Preside at Patrick Stewart Wedding

This may be the greatest wedding event of all time. No joke. Sir Patrick Stewart is marrying his longtime fiancée Sunny Ozell in Massachussets soon, and the two have chosen Sir Ian McKellen to preside.

Stewart and McKellen have been friends for years. Both are formally Shakespearean-trained British actors. Both have been knighted. Both are international superstars for their iconic roles in movies and TV shows. And of course, both are mutants—or at least they are in X-Men.

McKellen has played Magneto, a mutant who can control metal with his mind. Stewart is Professor Charles Xavier, brilliant but stuck in a wheelchair. But perhaps their most iconic roles have been as Gandalf (McKellen) in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, and as Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Stewart) of Star Trek’s infamous Enterprise.


“I’m going to marry Patrick,” Sir Ian McKellen announced on Saturday at the Jonathan Ross Show. He’s presided over one other wedding before, a same-sex civil union. And since Stewart and Ozell are to wed in Massachusetts, he doesn’t have to obtain any special credentials—other than a character reference—to officiate. The state offers a $25 special “one-day” designation for friends and family to legally perform a wedding.

So there you have it. Gandalf/Magneto will marry Captain Picard/Professor Xavier. Now that’s a wedding we wish we could see.

If you could choose anyone to officiate your wedding, who would it be? Would you choose a family member or friend, or would you shoot for the stars and ask a celebrity to preside?



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