Groomzillas On the Rise

Everyone’s heard the term “bridezilla” before, a reference to brides who take complete control and go on a sort of wedding planning rampage like, well, Godzilla. Of course, not all brides are like that—it often depends on personality type and how involved the groom is. But today we heard a new term: groomzilla.

According to an article on Female First, research from Microsoft Office 360 has revealed that about 75% of grooms are becoming increasingly more involved in wedding planning than in the past. Wedding planning has always been considered largely the bride’s responsibility, but it seems times are changing.

Where once it was assumed the bride would have more of a natural proclivity for planning parties, gender stereotypes are beginning to move aside as men show that their wedding day is important to them, too. That means more men are stepping up and offering suggestions, opinions, and helping with planning.

About a quarter of the wedding planners surveyed said that they had seen men take it a step further and overshadow their brides, taking on the role of “groomzilla.” The survey also suggested that men preferred to help with drinks, food, and entertainment and leaned toward using technology to help keep track of things.

According to Kimberly Schlegal Whitman, editor of Southern Living Wedding Planner & Keepsake, men’s increased involvement may be due in part to the fact that more couples are beginning to use their own money to pay for their big day, rather than relying on the bride’s family to foot the bill.

“Lots of couples are paying for weddings themselves these days and a wedding reception is really about entertaining their friends now,” she said. “It really is a celebration and the grooms are concerned how the money is spent.”




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