Supermarket Wedding Cakes: Pros and Cons

As the budget-conscious bride will be well aware, everything seems to cost more than it should when it comes to wedding planning. It’s one of the reasons a wedding bill can be racked up so quickly. Consider one of the staples of most weddings—a wedding cake.

We’ve talked before about wedding cakes and some viable alternatives for those that aren’t the biggest fans of cake. But for those that are, wedding cake can easily run up to $1,000. A small cake for about 100 guests costs on average $600 at a small bakery, and with any special embellishments or decorations it will easily reach $800. Bakery cakes typically run about $6 to $10 per serving, making it a big chunk of change out of your pocket.

But one option people are considering more and more is purchasing their wedding cake from a supermarket. In the past, supermarkets didn’t offer such fancy confections, but these days it’s a growing trend. And rather than costing you up to $10 per person, these cakes start as low as $0.64 per serving.

Wedding cake creation at supermarkets is not something that everyone knows about. Not all stores currently offer the service, but even some that do don’t advertise for it. It’s a good idea to personally ask the bakery.

There are many pros to this option, especially for the bride on a budget. But there are also some cons to consider as well.


  • Price—Wal-Mart cakes start at $48 for a two-tiered cake without filling. Three-tiered cakes serving 118 are $135 with filling. Other stores like ShopRite also offer cakes at slightly higher prices.
  • Order time—Wal-Mart cakes are available in just 24 hours, while other stores run up to about three weeks. Small bakeries can need several months to an entire year of notice.
  • Fast, simple process for ordering.


  • Customization—Cakes will not be as customizable, and there may not be as wide an array of designs, flavors, and toppers available.
  • Tastings—Some stores offer tastings, but not all do.
  • Post-Baking Setup—Supermarket stores will help you out to the car, but that’s usually it. Making it to the venue and setting up the cake properly are challenges you’ll have to deal with on your own.
  • Quality—While some supermarket bakeries do use quality ingredients in their cakes, they may or may not be as good as private bakeries’ ingredients. It’s important to taste test before ordering if you want to be sure your cake is quality.




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