Monaco To Welcome New Royal Baby

It seems the royal family of Monaco will soon have a new baby to fawn over, and potentially even a new heir to the throne. Monaco is currently run by Prince Albert and his new wife, Charlene of Serenity. Albert has had children, but they’ve all been out of wedlock and therefore illegitimate. But 18 months after marrying Charlene, there’s still no direct heir in sight.


If Albert and Charlene don’t produce an heir, the throne will pass to Princess Caroline. Next in line after that is her son, Andrea Casiraghi. He is engaged to Tatiana Santo Domingo, and the two are expecting their first child. Tatiana is the granddaughter to Columbian billionaire Julio Santo Domingo and stands to inherit a $6bn fortune. She’s a socialite with connections, as her uncles are Alejandro and Andres Santo Domingo, both of which have leading ladies in the fashion industry.


The question on everyone’s minds now is whether or not Tatiana and Andrea’s baby will indeed become an heir to the throne. If the two marry before the baby is born, it will be third in line after Caroline and Andrea. If the baby is born first, however, it will not join the royal inheritance line.


Of course, if Prince Albert and Charlene of Serenity do produce an heir, it is unlikely that the child will ever actually head up the monarchy. But with Tatiana’s sizeable wealth and her own fashion brand, Muzungu Sisters, we suspect their soon-to-be daughter or son will lead a charmed life either way.


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