Wedding Gowns for a Cause

Despite how much penny-pinching some do, when it comes down to it a wedding is expensive nonetheless. So when someone puts their best effort forward to help make a dream wedding possible for another bride, it touches our hearts.

Maripat Quinn is an ordained wedding minister from Setauket, New York, who is doing just that. Not only does Quinn perform non-traditional services as a minister—she calls herself “Everyone’s Minister,” marrying people of different religions, same-sex couples, and more—but she also wants to help victims of breast cancer have the perfect big day.

She’s launched an effort through the Carol M. Baldwin Foundation to raise money for breast cancer research. She’s collecting wedding dresses to rent out or auction off, sending the money off to help find a cure.

“We actually got to meet with the people doing the research and you can see how very effective they are,” Quinn said. “Now they are able to go two steps, three steps forward into their research that maybe they couldn’t have done before. I think this is a painless way, a feel good way, to try and find a cure for breast cancer.”

We’ve talked about opportunities to donate wedding dresses to a good cause before, and have highlighted Brides Against Breast Cancer, which travels nationwide with its wedding shows.

But Quinn’s effort is a little different. Besides working to cure the actual disease so that breast cancer victims can live a long and full life, Quinn also helps those who have survived their bout with cancer and are looking forward to their big days. She often lets breast cancer survivors rent wedding dresses for free, bringing that dream wedding just a little closer for those that might not be otherwise able to afford it because of medical bills.

“I happen to love working with the couples, see them get married,” she said, “and then perhaps give somebody else a chance at the same dream.”


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