Unique Ideas For Flowers

Flowers are an integral part of a wedding. But that doesn’t mean they’ve got to look like everyone else’s flowers. Check out some of these ideas for choosing wedding flowers just for you:


  1. Wearable Flowers are growing in popularity, and some brides are really going the extra mile. From hairpieces to the dress itself, flowers can make their way into just about any facet of your outfit. Some dresses even have skirts completely covered in live flowers!
  2. Forgotten Flowers that aren’t normally included in bouquets could be a good way to go. There are millions of varieties of flowers, from tropical to home grown, from sunflower yellow to nearly black—so there’s no reason you can’t find the perfect flower to express Y-O-U.
  3. Structure Flowers, meaning incorporate them into the architecture rather than simply placing arrangements here and there. One bride we saw literally had a wall of flowers at the reception, over 75,000 flowers pulled together into a lush backdrop. For those without the 75,000-flowers-budget, smaller backdrops can be created on window panes, corkboards, and more.
  4. Floating Arrangements can add a unique feel to that backyard wedding that has a pool nearby. Arrangements are carefree looking and can include anything from moss to roses, and will happily float around the pool (maybe even with lanterns or candles on them?) for hours.
  5. Falling Arrangements. Ok, not literally. By “falling,” we mean “hanging.” Flowers that grow on lattices or in vines can be an exotic, colorful addition to the reception, especially if centerpieces are made to compliment them. Think chandelier, but living. Lovely!

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