3 Wonderfully Themed Weddings

Sometimes when we plan parties, we give them a theme—just for fun. Hawaiian, masquerade, Rocky Horror Picture Show—you name it, it’s been done. But we don’t always think of theming our wedding day, at least not in a big way. However, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done. I once saw a Star Wars-themed wedding taking place at the opening of The Phantom Menace. It was awesome.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of that wedding. But I did find some other wonderfully silly themed weddings that should brighten anyone’s day. Whether or not you’re thinking about adding a theme to your big day, take a look at what these couples did—if only for the smile it’s guaranteed to bring.

Disney—Jamie and Christopher Chandler grew up with Disney, as many of us did. But their connection still felt just as strong when their big day rolled around. They couldn’t afford to get married in Disneyland, so they opted for a themed wedding, and it turned out spectacularly. Jamie was dressed as Ariel and Christopher was Prince Charming (Eric) from The Little Mermaid. Each of the bridesmaids dressed as a different Disney princess, groomsmen were Disney villains, and of course Jamie’s father was King Trident.

Harry Potter—Christine and Andy celebrated their wedding day by giving homage to the stories that brought them together—Harry Potter. The two met through an online post about Harry Potter news. Everything was HP themed, including the invitations, seating assignments (by house, of course), and even food. Each guest got a wand of their own, and the couple even got to take a ride on the “Hogwarts Express” between the ceremony and reception.

Halloween—The day, not the movie, has been the theme for many a couple. For those less traditional guys and gals, Halloween is a fun and dark theme that makes their wedding day seem more like them. From Ouija Board invitations to gothic gowns and costumes, these couples have really gone all out to make their day a blast.

What do you think about themed weddings—fun or tacky? If money were not an issue, would you theme your wedding? And what would it be if you did?


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