Generous Bride Gets Surprise Wedding of Dreams

When Megan Erickson walked down the aisle as a model in a bridal show for Pure Bridal, she had no idea the gift that awaited her: a dream wedding. Erickson, engaged to fiancée Jarod Vancannon, had been forced to put the big day off just a month and a half earlier due to financial problems, but inspired by an act of kindness, the co-owners of Pure Bridal decided to bring the wedding to her.

pure bridal charity

Back in October, Erickson had put her dream gown on reserve at the store and paid a deposit of $100. Two months later, however, her fiancée was injured on the job and she realized that they wouldn’t be able to afford the dress or the wedding because of the medical bills. Everything was pushed back and as a random act of kindness, Erickson told the shop to keep her deposit and give it to the next bride-to-be.


“We were completely floored, because we knew how much that $100 meant to her,” said Kayse Carter, co-owner of Pure Bridal. Carter and her sister and business partner, Rita Gartin, were inspired to return the favor with another random act of kindness. They decided to donate the dress to Erickson and then went around town contacting wedding vendors to see if they would be interested in donating to the cause. The response they got was astounding.


After cluing Vancannon in on the matter, Carter and Gartin invited Erickson to be a model in a bridal show. Their plan was to stop her on the runway and present her with the donated gifts: free wedding invitations, rings, dress, venue, tux rentals, honeymoon, flowers, music, reception, cupcakes, and more.


Like Carter and Gartin, Erickson was completely floored by the generosity. “I was speechless, like, deer-in-the-headlights look,” she said. She never imagined she would get the wedding of her dreams in exchange for a simple act of kindness.


That just goes to show that dreams really do come true.




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