Register For This, Not That

Sure, many people go into marriage nursing the romantic idea that they’ll finally have that beautiful china pattern, kitchen gadgets galore, and other domestic items. But not everyone does, and some perhaps already have those things. Consider registering for some down-to-earth things as well.


Is there a hobby that the two of you enjoy? Perhaps you like to travel, camp, watch movies together, take photographs, barbecuing, or something else. If so, put something pertinent to this on your wedding register. That way, when you want to take your first camping trip, you’ll have a brand new tent, cooler, chairs, and sleeping bags to make the trip even more fun.


If you’re going on a honeymoon, consider things you don’t have that you might need, like nice big beach towels, nice luggage, or a digital camera. The camera will let you capture all those tiny moments from the honeymoon through the years to come.


Speaking of cameras, remember all those photos your photographer took at the wedding? How about the five hundred you took during the honeymoon? You’re going to want somewhere to put those babies. Nice frames and photo albums can be pricey, so find some designs you like (so you’ll have a matching theme or set) and put them on your list!


You might think you’ve got the towels covered, but consider adding an extra set or two on for guests and for when yours finally wear out. We do use towels every day. Essentials brings up another thing: vacuums. Nice vacuums are a staple for daily life, especially if you’re planning on having pets or kids—but they can run hundreds of dollars.


If you’re a lover of wine, beer or cocktails, don’t forget about a nice barware set. Wine glasses, beer mugs, cocktail shakers, pitchers and other mixing essentials are easy to forget but great to have.


Last but not least, don’t be shy about asking for gift cards to your favorite stores. No doubt something you want or need to purchase will eventually come up, and it’s handy to have a gift card to cover those costs.



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