Brides Against Breast Cancer

brides against breast cancer

Every time I read a story about someone turning their big day into a charitable event, it brings a smile to my face. Brides Against Breast Cancer is a program that helps people do just that by contributing to programs for cancer patients and their families and educating people around the country about breast cancer and the resources available.

One of the biggest ways Brides Against Breast Cancer raises money is through the sale of wedding gowns. The organization has over 70 shows year round where brides can purchase gowns (often at lower prices) and have the proceeds go toward the program. Bridal shows also offer an incredible opportunity for BABC to contribute to services that provide support and more to breast cancer patients.

Designers, manufacturers, bridal shops, and individuals who wish to make a difference in others’ lives provide gowns for the National Tour of Gowns sales. Dresses normally range in price from $99 to $799—even though many designer gowns are often valued at up to $8,000 apiece. Couture gowns worth up to $20,000 are sold at the shows at 25-75% savings as well. Over half the gowns sold are brand new directly from designers, manufacturers, and retailers.

Since the organization first began, over 50,000 gowns have been donated, with an estimated resale value of about $4 million dollars. A list of the upcoming Brides Against Breast Cancer shows can be found on the BABC website. Brides and their friends are encouraged to attend the show and participate in some tax-free, charitable shopping.


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