It’s a Double Life

It’s not uncommon for siblings to be close growing up. It’s even more likely with twins, who often claim to feel an especially strong connection to their biological match. That relationship is even more pronounced in identical twins—who are far less common and have had studies done on them for years.

twins marry twins

Diane and Darlene Nettemeier are the epitome of identical twins. They did everything together growing up—and they even got married together. Not only that but they also wore the same dress, walked down the aisle at the same time—and they married Craig and Mark, another set of identical twins.


“It was fun shopping for dresses, because she would take half and I would take half, and we would try them on,” reminisced Diane. “If it didn’t look good on her, it wasn’t going to look good on me.”


Now the girls and their husbands live next door to each other and still haven’t spent more than a day apart. Their Houston backyards are adjoining and now their kids are growing up together. Craig and Diane have two boys—identical twins, of course—and Mark and Darlene have two daughters (not twins, surprisingly).


“If we lived 50 miles away from each other, [the girls] would want to visit each other all the time,” said Craig of their close proximity.


We can’t help but wonder what would have happened had both couples given birth to twins of the same gender. What would the chances have been for the twin sets to look more like quadruplets?


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