7 Convenient Wedding Apps

There is usually a lot on any bride’s mind for the months leading up to her wedding day. Luckily, technology can come to the rescue—at least part of the time. Check out these five apps that will make planning a snap. Oh, and they’re FREE, too!


  1. Wedding Party–Among other functions, Wedding Party will collect photos from guests who attended the wedding and will organize and post them for all to see. It can also collect notes from guests to the newlyweds, which can be downloaded straight to the couple’s computer.
  2. Flock—Primarily for collecting photos, Flock connects with Facebook to tag friends and family in pictures. Couples can then choose which photos to share via Facebook.
  3. Tie The Knot—is a countdown app that marks both the time until and since the big day. We like the smooth transition from counting down to counting up, something that comes with a growing sense of pride as the numbers increase.
  4. Perfect Wedding Guide—A more practical helper for wedding planning, this app helps you keep track of guest lists, organize activities, locate vendors, and shop for special promotions and deals.
  5. OurWeddingUsher—Currently in beta version, this innovative app offers personal usher services in exchange for guests’ downloads. It can give directions, answer questions, and guides out-of-towners.
  6. Our Wedding Planner—Similar to the Perfect Wedding Guide, this planner helps you easily manage guests, to-do lists, budget, and vendors.
  7. Wedding Countdown—Like Tie The Knot, this is a countdown app, though its display is more customizable. You can change the units (years, months, weeks, minutes, seconds) and even customize them if you like (ex: using “heartbeats” instead of “seconds”). You can also add photos and songs, and share your countdown via social media.



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