Geeky Takes the Cake

zelda cake

When it comes to the big day, most brides want it to be unique and indicative of their personalities. Some exercise this by choosing their favorite colors, others by making it a black tie event or a casual barbecue in the part. Some brides wear the traditional white dress and others wear something that suits them better. But one tiny detail that often gets overlooked is the cake.


Not to say that the cake gets forgotten about—it’s a tradition that most people stick to like superglue. Rather, people often don’t realize just how much of their personality can fit into their wedding cake. They might choose their favorite flavor and a pretty design or go for cupcakes to show a more playful side, but that’s about as far as it gets for most.


But after reading an article on mental_floss, I was left wondering why more people don’t use their wedding cake as a way to express themselves. The article was called “17 Amazingly Geeky Wedding Cakes,” and that’s no lie.  Some of the cakes are so extravagant that they’ll drop your jaw.  Check out some of the images below.


On the Lord of the Rings theme, there was a cake shaped like Minas Tirith with a wedding scene on top and another shaped like Gollum. Harry Potter’s golden snitch(es) also made it onto one elegant white and gold cake, and a scene from Doctor Who—complete with dinosaurs—decorated the side of another.


Star Trek fans created a Captain Picard cake as well as an impressively metallic-looking Borg wedding cake. Of course, the cakes wouldn’t be quite so nerdy without paying tribute to Star Wars and Star Craft. The most classic nerd cakes were the two decorated with characters and items from Nintendo’s Mario games.

Trekkin cake

The cakes came in all shapes and sizes (literally). All were nerdy, but some were elegant while others were silly. But one thing’s for sure: all the couples who commissioned those cakes made darn sure that their personalities made it to their wedding day.  Check out our favorites below!


Topsy-Turvey-Cinderella-Carriage-disney-Wedding-Cake mario cake


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