5 Reasons Weddings Are Inspirational

There are a lot of tiny (and huge) things that go into planning weddings. The cake. The dress. The flowers. The venue. The food. The drinks. The guests. The list goes on and on. Sometimes the stress of all those things just adds up and, for some, the pressure of the party can dilute the true beauty of a wedding. Here are 5 reasons to forget, for a second, about all those things and remember to be inspired:


  1. A wedding is a celebration not of two people, but of their story together—past, present, and future. Every story is unique.
  2. A wedding is a presentation of courage and daring. It’s no small thing to commit oneself to a life with another person. Having the courage to take a chance on love isn’t something everyone is willing to do.
  3. A wedding is an expression of hinspirational weddingope and faith. Taking that chance on love also showsthat the couple has hope for the future. They’re trusting in their love and commitment in each other to carry them through any hard times that may be ahead.
  4. A wedding brings together friends and family. Whether it’s only been since yesterday or it’s been years, weddings bring people together—and there’s usually a lot of love going around.
  5. A wedding brings out people’s compassion. Watch the guests at any wedding, and you’re bound to see at least a few joyful tears being shed. It may not be their big day, but it’s a beautiful thing to watch others feel such happiness and joy for someone else.

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