Choosing the Best Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

All brides want to look fabulous on their big day, and therefore choosing a wedding dress can be a lengthy process. Sometimes the dress looks perfect on the rack but just doesn’t fit right. Or maybe it fits, but it doesn’t look as flattering as you’d like it to. Instead of beating yourself up over your body type, consider this: some dresses were made to fit certain body types better than others.

Some styles look better on curvy women than twigs, and others might provide sufficient coverage for the small chested but cause the busty to spill out. One thing to remember is that besides wanting to look good, you also want to be as comfortable as possible. You’re going to be wearing your wedding attire for several hours, and if you can hardly breathe, your night will be that much less enjoyable.

Consider these dress types to fit your body’s shape:

1.    Pear-Shaped: Find something that is fitted around the natural waist and flares out gradually. That way, your narrower midsection will be highlighted instead of your hips, derriere, and thighs.
2.    Busty: Scooped necklines are your friends. Try a sweetheart neckline, which will highlight your assets in a tasteful way that doesn’t detract from your face.
3.    Plus-Sized: Empire waistline dresses with an A-line hem will flow softly to the floor. Stay away from pleats, as they will puff out unnecessarily and awkwardly. Satin and other fabrics with structural strength are also best because they will hold their shape rather than become clingy.
4.    Apple-Shaped: Find a dress that cinches in on your natural waistline. Textured fabrics and laces on the bodice are the most complimentary to this body type, as is a low V-cut neckline.
5.    Tall: Simplicity is key. Tall is elegant, especially when dresses don’t distract from your natural shape. Try a lower waistline, a longer hem, and simple fabrics.
6.    Straight Up And Down: If you’re lacking in the curves department, try to find a dress that will give the appearance that you aren’t. Bias-cut dresses or ball gowns that cinch in at the waist and flow into a full skirt will both slim and create the appearance of curves. Ruched bodices and ruffles around the bust line will also create extra volume.
7.    Petite: Others will be jealous of your ability to pull off the trumpet, sheath, and A-line gowns. High waistlines will give your body a longer appearance. Consider keeping details on the bodice of the dress, as they will draw eyes upward rather than weighing you down.
8.    Small Chested: Ruched bodices will fill out your bust line and give you a few extra curves. Halter-tops sometimes come with extra padding as well, and the right undergarments will be key if you are looking to appear bustier.



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