Five Reasons (Dresses) Why You Should Shop Etsy

Etsy Wedding Team Fall Shine

If you haven’t heard of, you really should go there. Right now. It’s a fantastic platform for individual artists selling their wares to the world. You can find nearly anything on Etsy, but one of the best sections to peruse is the “Wedding” collection. Here, you can find unique ideas for gifts, invitations, favors, decorations, and more. But we like the dress section the best.

It’s so easy to overspend on a wedding dress. It’s your big day, so of course you want it to be just perfect. And let’s face it: sometimes those cheap dresses at the store just aren’t right for you. But perusing the site for about ten minutes led to some major discoveries: five great dresses for under $600. And there are plenty more where these came from:

1.This lovely style from shop owner Rose is just $379 and is reminiscent of a fairytale wedding, the flowers and open back giving it elegance and playfulness.

2.This one is our favorite. It is $599 from RetroVintageWeddings, and definitely lives up to its name. The back of the dress is beautifully beaded and the material is a silky soft champagne color. It’s like being back in the 1930s.

3.It may be a reserved listing, but that means you could have one of these dresses, too. The $579 crisp white dress from Yuan Chen has embroidered flowers starting from the shoulders, moving down the bodice, and spread out into the skirt. Lovely.

4.Simple and elegant, Susie’s vintage lace wedding dress is beautiful without taking up an entire room. We like the simplicity and the lace, and the fact that it’s stunning without being too revealing. We also like the price: $418.

5. Last—and certainly not least—is a $470 ivory dress by Yuan Chen made with French corded lace. The dress buttons between the shoulder blades and below the small of the back, leaving most of the back open and framed by lace. Another no-fuss dress, its delicate little flowers really would be perfect for the big day.

These are just some of the reasons why we love Etsy for wedding dresses!


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