5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Shoes Pop

If you’re a shoe-lover, you’ve probably already started thinking about how you’re going to make your shoes stand out on the big day. Shoes can say a lot about our personalities, and not all brides relish the idea of nursing blisters at the end of the night. Here are five tips for making your shoes unique on the big day:

  1. Funky Flats—Who says you have to wear heels? Heck, who says they have to be white? Spice up your look with a comfy pair of flats in your favorite color. Not only will people compliment your unique choice of shoes, but you’ll also be able to dance all night long—and not have to deal with any pesky blisters.
  2. All Jeweled Up—Decked out heels are all the craze. If you want to wear heels, consider buying (or making) a pair that’s jazzed up with jewels on the heel or along the shoe itself. You’ll really sparkle then.
  3. Beach Feet—Especially if you’re having a wedding on the sand, sandals are a comfortable, natural look. We recommend going for jeweled or embroidered sandals.
  4. Starry Night—Ruby Red slippers don’t just have to be a part of Dorothy’s Oz. It’s not hard to find sequined or sparkly heels or flats in any color.
  5. Be an All-Star—Not every bride wants girly shoes. Converse sneakers have been making a fashion statement in the wedding world. And with all the colors to choose from, the ease of decorating, and the comfort they offer, it’s no surprise brides are choosing to wear them over heels.

What will your wedding shoes be? Fancy or free, chic or geek?


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