5 Wedding Fights and How to Avoid Them


It’s no secret that one of the first trials of marriage starts well before the marriage does: planning the wedding. There are a lot of things involved in planning a wedding, and couples often find themselves at odds during the process. But just being aware of some of the issues that could come up can help you avoid them, so consider the following sensitive topics and how you’ll deal with them without fighting.

Family balance, surprisingly is a big one. Some couples get into fights over how many members of each family plan to attend. More guests mean more money, and if that side of the family isn’t chipping in, it can be frustrating.

Sometimes wedding planning can feel like a one-sided ordeal, but don’t mistake your partner’s perceived disinterest for not caring. Always try to include them in decisions and planning, even if they only give a little advice here or there.

M-O-N-E-Y. Yep, bingo. It’s a love-hate relationship. Wedding dresses are expensive, and issues can arise if your partner gets to feeling like some of that money ought to go elsewhere, like the honeymoon. Be sure to sit down and talk like adults about this, before a fight happens.

Religion’s another biggie. Make sure you’ve both sat down and discussed your own traditions that you’d like to pass on. If your partner doesn’t know how important these things are to you, then you can’t expect them to make an effort to pass them on.

Designing the wedding can be a headache as well, especially if you’ve got conflicting ideas on what you want. Remember that this marriage should be a partnership, and if you can’t share the power early on, you’re sure to have problems later. Make compromises and be sure that you both end up satisfied with the final plan.


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