Wedding desserts!

Mmmmm, weddings.  There is seldom a better chance to truly drown yourself in sweets.  Not only are the treats delicious, but they’re often completely beautiful.  And best of all, a wedding usually marks the end of a diet, so feel free to indulge in these awesome wedding desserts!

Wedding Cake

Minimalistic, but still awesome.  The wrought metal at the bottom really ties it together.

I love these cupcakes!  What cute little signs too!

Sometimes the polished look isn’t the only one you can do!

I like these, but I wonder how they did the lettering.  A stamp on the cookie before it was glazed?

I’m never sure how I feel about adding cloth to a cake.  Why not try to do this with frosting?  Then you can eat it!

Donuts are a great idea for weddings!

Mmmm, delicious inside and out.


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